How You can Help Albany NY Families This Holiday Season

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As the holidays get closer, Albany Super Storage is asking the community for help. We have partnered with The Salvation Army to raise money for its holiday initiative, Rescue Christmas. You can donate at our office on Broadway to help make a difference in the Albany NY neighborhood this holiday season. Support Your Albany NY Neighbors During the Holidays 2020 brought a lot of change and uncertainty, and many families are left in financial distress. The Salvation Army estimates that they will be helping 155% more people this holiday season in comparison to previous years. Unemployment rates are on the rise, and more people are seeking The Salvation Army’s services, such as meal distribution and the Angel Tree program. During a normal year, you would see The Salvation Army’s red kettles on street corners and outside stores collecting money. But since many people are moving toward shopping online, people are not carrying cash as frequently, and some stores have been forced to shut down, there are fewer opportunities to donate through the red kettles. That is why we need your help to make up for lost funding chances. The Salvation Army uses donated money for a range of services. It helps families pay their bills and buy groceries. Also, it supports local homeless shelters. The Salvation Army in New York has already served more than 5 million meals this year. You can be sure your donation is going directly to people in your community who need it. Stop by Albany Super Storage on Broadway to make a donation! About Albany Super Storage Albany Super Storage takes pride in being part of the local community. This holiday season, we want to give back to our Albany NY neighbors, and we need your help to do so. When you rent with Albany Super Storage, you are getting the best storage service Albany has to offer. Our facility on Broadway sits along the Hudson River next to I-787. We have heated and temperature-controlled storage ...

November 8th, 2020

Find Storage Supplies at Our Albany NY Office

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Packing up your items does not have to overwhelm you. Albany Super Storage has resources as well as storage to make sure you have the best experience possible when storing with us. We sell storage supplies in our Albany NY office in case you forget boxes or need extra bubble wrap. For storage, choose from heated and temperature-controlled storage units as small as 3x5 feet and as large as 10x30 feet. Talk to one of our experts to help determine the best storage for you! 1. Heavily Label Your Boxes When we say “heavily,” we mean it. Go beyond marking the room in the house the items belong in. Make a list of all the items inside, so you can reference it later when you are looking for a specific item. You are going to need your recipe box. But it will not be very helpful if you cannot remember which kitchen box it is in. Save yourself time later by marking your boxes in the beginning. 2. Keep It Light It is normal to think that your big items should go in your big boxes. And while this makes the most sense spatially, there are other factors to consider. For starters, your biggest items many times are your heaviest. If a bunch of heavy items are packed into one box, that is going to be one heavy box. Avoid hurting your back and breaking your box by packing light objects in your big boxes and heavy objects in smaller boxes. 3. Ditch the Old, Raggedy Boxes You know the ones we are talking about. They have been in your attic or basement for a while. They have been through a few moves with you already and are barely holding on by the duct tape you put on last time. You want to avoid these for fragile and heavy items! Do not even risk your boxes bottoming out. If you need to replenish your box supply, Albany Super Storage sells storage supplies at our ...

October 1st, 2020

We Are Now A Charity Storage Partner

Our Storage Facility

Albany Super Storage is now affiliated with Charity Storage! What does that mean for our customers? We are your Albany NY storage solution but now we are also taking your unwanted items and donating the proceeds raised to a great cause. We have set aside a storage unit to keep your donations safe until our next charitable storage auction. What To Donate? 1. Furniture 2. Clothing 3. Toys 4. Tools 5. Office Supplies Any gently used items you no longer have a need for can go towards our next Albany NY storage auction with Charity Storage. The proceeds from each of our charitable online auctions will be divided among 3 organizations. Making a positive impact on our community is what we aim to do, and now we can do it with belongings donated. Who Can Donate? Anyone and everyone! Our customers storing with us can drop off items after they move out or move in. Maybe you are on the fence about donating a few articles of clothing or pieces of furniture. Store them in your storage unit and the next time you clean up around the storage unit, consider donating those items. Anyone in the Albany NY neighborhood can donate as well! After your yard sale, during seasonal cleaning, just drop off any time during office hours. About Charity Storage Charity Storage founders, Barry Hoeven and Lance Atkins, have knowledge about the self storage industry and wanted to make a positive impact using available storage space. Together they worked with the Self Storage Association (SSA) to fund a scholarship program. Barry Hoeven also founded Kure It Cancer Research Foundation, which receives 20% from each online storage auction. We have chosen the American Heart Association as our main fundraiser for each storage auction. They will receive 60% of each auction we hold through Charity Storage. 20% of the final bid will go to Kure It Cancer Research and 10% to the SSA Scholarship Fund. Albany Super Storage can assist with your need for storage ...

November 4th, 2019