Reclaiming Your Space In 2020

Holiday Storage Tips

Are you welcoming in the new year by adding space? Attempting to take back your space after the holiday season can be difficult unless you have the right storage. With our holiday storage tips no longer will reclaiming your space be a challenge. Here at Albany Super Storage, we have the storage options in order for us to happily assist you as you reclaim your space with storage. It is time for you to take down all of your holiday lights, decorations, and wreaths, so you can get back to rejoicing in your clean space once again. Check out the helpful holiday storage tips below! How To Store Holiday Decorations Egg cartons hold small-round ornaments perfectly. Hang your wreaths on coat hangers. Shrinkwrap your artificial trees for protection while storing in the winter, spring, and summer months. Wrap holiday lights around a piece of cardboard to eliminate tangling. Place decorations in clear bins when packing, so you can see the items within. Albany Super Storage Features Moving and storage materials sold on-site. Personalized keypad access. 24/7 digitally recorded cameras. Loading garage. Accept deliveries for tenants. Albany Super Storage in Albany NY Located off of the Huson river and the intersection of I-787 and US-9 in Albany NY, we are ready to help you start storing. Locate our storage facility in Albany NY and start off the new year by reclaiming your space with storage. Reserve a storage unit online, and start storing today! ...

January 6th, 2020

Now Collecting Charitable Donations for An Albany NY Charity

Our Community

The holidays are here and Albany Super Storage is getting you ready for the family and giving season. Our Albany NY storage units provide ample space when you are hosting the entire family for dinner or if you want to get organized. We are also promoting a local Albany NY charity and need your support. We enjoy helping our customers find self storage space for every season, but we also enjoy bringing smiles to those in our neighborhood. This is the time of year we spend with family and be thankful for customers like you. Our charity season began in October with our Susan G Komen moving supply drive and will finish with our holiday initiative. For the holiday season, we are collecting for the Food Pantries of Albany. How You Can Help While you are out shopping for your family's feast, pick up a few extra non-perishable or canned goods. Make charitable donations until December 15th. Visit our Albany NY storage office today to make a donation. About Our Charity The Food Pantries for the Capital District is made up of 60 organizations in the area. From Albany NY to Schenectady County, they serve the families in need. Our charitable donations are needed most during the end of the year. These hot meals have been helping our neighbors in the Capital Region for over 40 years. Items to Donate: Canned veggies Fresh Fruit and Vegetables - These can be dropped off closer to our due date Storage Shelving Office Supplies Let Albany Super Storage be your solution for storing this holiday season. Our indoor storage units are available online and in a variety of sizes. Make your charitable donations for our Albany NY charity the next time you stop in the office or are on the property. ...

November 25th, 2019

We Are Now A Charity Storage Partner

Our Storage Facility

Albany Super Storage is now affiliated with Charity Storage! What does that mean for our customers? We are your Albany NY storage solution but now we are also taking your unwanted items and donating the proceeds raised to a great cause. We have set aside a storage unit to keep your donations safe until our next charitable storage auction. What To Donate? 1. Furniture 2. Clothing 3. Toys 4. Tools 5. Office Supplies Any gently used items you no longer have a need for can go towards our next Albany NY storage auction with Charity Storage. The proceeds from each of our charitable online auctions will be divided among 3 organizations. Making a positive impact on our community is what we aim to do, and now we can do it with belongings donated. Who Can Donate? Anyone and everyone! Our customers storing with us can drop off items after they move out or move in. Maybe you are on the fence about donating a few articles of clothing or pieces of furniture. Store them in your storage unit and the next time you clean up around the storage unit, consider donating those items. Anyone in the Albany NY neighborhood can donate as well! After your yard sale, during seasonal cleaning, just drop off any time during office hours. About Charity Storage Charity Storage founders, Barry Hoeven and Lance Atkins, have knowledge about the self storage industry and wanted to make a positive impact using available storage space. Together they worked with the Self Storage Association (SSA) to fund a scholarship program. Barry Hoeven also founded Kure It Cancer Research Foundation, which receives 20% from each online storage auction. We have chosen the American Heart Association as our main fundraiser for each storage auction. They will receive 60% of each auction we hold through Charity Storage. 20% of the final bid will go to Kure It Cancer Research and 10% to the SSA Scholarship Fund. Albany Super Storage can assist with your need for storage ...

November 4th, 2019

Why Choose Our Storage Supplies?

Moving Tips

Storage supplies for your next move are conveniently located at Albany Super Storage and can help you pack your belongings for the season. Do you know how many boxes you will need or which storage tools are best for packing away sensitive belongings? The experts at our Albany NY storage facility have the answers and resources to help you! October begins our charity season and we need your help! When you purchase supplies for your next move consider purchasing items here to help benefit the Susan G Komen foundation. With each item purchased, we will take a percentage from the grand total at the end of the month and donate it to help this organization. Convenience and More: Reasons To Purchase Moving Supplies Here Our knowledge goes beyond storing your items, we can assist with finding a local moving company, renting a storage unit that fits all your boxes, as well as an option that suits your budget. Here at Albany Super Storage, our main goal is providing the expertise you need. What Storage Supplies Do You Need? 1. Boxes 2. Covers 3. Tape 4. Lock 5. Bubble Wrap These are just a few of the supplies we offer here at Albany Super Storage. Stop in the office on 44 Broadway to find all the tools needed to store your belongings. Resources for Moving Stay on budget and do not overbuy with U-Haul's supply calculator. Our storage size guide will direct you to the options we recommend for the amount you are storing. You can also rent a moving truck at Albany Super Storage. Stop by today to see how we help our customers move and store like professionals. ...

October 1st, 2019


Self Storage

The kids are headed back to school and your summer gear is going to need a place to stay during the winter, do you know how to store for cooler weather? Albany Super Storage has the local storage options in Albany NY you need to get ready for fall as well as the quick tips for organization around the house. Along with storage units in Albany NY, our experts have tips to share with you so you are ready for the start of school as well! Get organized this season with Albany Super Storage. TIPS FOR BACK TO SCHOOL Buy school supplies as soon as the list comes out. Grab a few extra pens, markers, and paper for around the house. Create a homework station with extra supplies. A family command center and schedule will help keep everyone on the same page. Use a closet or cubby for storage for book bags. Mix up the school lunches and get the kids involved! Keep snacks on hand so kids can pack their lunch easily. SEASONAL STORAGE FOR SUMMER ITEMS Stored the bikes out of the garage and in the storage unit. This will give you the opportunity to park in the garage. Labels on your boxes can keep you organized at the storage unit. Need storage supplies? Check out our selection in the office. Canoes and kayaks should be stored off the ground. Use shelves or a rack to support these boats in storage. Clean off beach towels and toys before storing them. Keep the cooler open to dry out while in storage. Open the tent one last time before storing, to ensure it is waterproof. Use InStyle’s guide to packing clothing away. Here at Albany Super Storage, our local storage options go beyond helping you find a storage unit for your items. We are your experts for organizing your home or storage unit and packing away your items for the season. Rent local storage in Albany NY online today! ...

September 24th, 2019


Self Storage

Looking for storage in Albany NY? Whether you need storage for your college student as they finish another semester or you are moving to the area, Albany Super Storage is your one-stop-shop. We have moving supplies, a helpful friendly staff member on site, and the right storage unit for your items. Our storage space is one way we help our Albany NY community stay organized. Learn more about our storage facility and the options we offer.Find out where our storage facility is in Albany NY and all the local favorites we recommend. LOCAL ALBANY NY STORAGE You will find Albany Super Storage in the Rensselaer area in the South End of Albany NY. We are a convenient solution for college students, homeowners, and businesses in the area. Our short term month to month lease makes it easy for you to stay as long as you need!We have a variety of storage options so you can choose the storage unit that you think best suits you. Reserve a small storage unit, like a 3×5, to prepare for the upcoming winter months or a large 12×20 to help while staging your house. If you need help choosing a storage unit find our storage calculator helpful or speak with a representative today. NEIGHBORHOOD FRIENDS Our neighborhood friends program helps you, our customers, find helpful businesses for your home projects. We feature everything from moving companies in Albany NY to our favorite eateries.This referral program also helps the businesses in our Albany NY community get the incoming customers they need. Join our board today by talking with our store manager at Albany Super Storage. Loudon Arms Apartments Modern Body Art Moving Made EZ Noteworthy Music – Charlie D Andrea Oak Hill Apartments Out of the Pits Start storing with Albany Super Storage today! Reserve online or come into the store. ...

August 30th, 2019


Self Storage

The advantages of storing your personal assets with Albany Super Storage represents more than just a safe venue to keep your belongings. Our Albany NY affordable storage opportunities can be the perfect fit for your family moving this summer or even a personal collection you have and need more storage space for. Go over these 10 reasons on how our Albany NY self storage can be beneficial to you. STORAGE MIGHT BE NEEDED IF… Moving out of state. Seasonal decorations & hobby or sport equipment. Renovations at home. Recent change in your relationship status. Safe space for extra belongings. Students returning home from college. Starting an online business. Your business is growing and has high inventory levels. Downsizing your home. Selling your home? Having storage space which would be out of sight while also being safe and secure, can allow for early packing. The useful options for self storage are countless, that is why we present storage features our customers will want and need. Albany Super Storage has state of the art security, making sure everything runs smoothly on the facility grounds. For an additional fee, 24/7 access is available if you do not want to go by the gate hours.Albany Super Storage is substantially more than just a storage option in Albany NY. We are a favorable resource you can use when moving and are in need of storage space, or just when you need more room for your personal assets. Discover Albany NY affordable storage, supplies and a abundance of our neighborhood connections at Albany Super Storage.Being more to you than just storage is what Albany Super Storage is all about. We have experts to answer any questions you may have to help you feel relaxed with your up coming changes in life. If you are contemplating moving or just need extra personal storage space for objects that do not fit around your home, contact us today! ...

July 10th, 2019


Self Storage

What do you need to know before hiring a professional to help you move? The pros can make your latest move go smooth. Whether downsizing or growing the family, now is the time to get organized. You may be considering hiring Albany NY movers since they can do most of the heavy lifting on the day, but how do you hire a quality mover? Albany Super Storage has the questions you should ask and tips for success.Albany Super Storage has more than storage space to offer. We have experts with knowledge of the industry and of the surrounding Capital district. With our connections in Albany NY, you have experts you can trust to help with your latest projects.Summer is the time for moving and we have questions you should ask to make an educated moving company choice. QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE HIRING ALBANY NY MOVERS How are my belongings protected? What is the cost for an estimate? Can it be done over the phone? Is a security deposit needed? What kind of training does your team go through? Do you hire and temporary staff? The Moving Blog has a great article with more tips and questions to hire the right company for your move.When you start the search for available movers in Albany NY check out our neighborhood friends board. We feature more than just movers, find restaurants and utility helpers. Courteous Moving Labor Arnoff Moving Moving Made EZ MOVING DAY TASKS Get ready for the big day with these tasks to speed up the process. Get settled into your new environment and start exploring your new neighborhood sooner. Protect the floors with tarps or hire a cleaning company after the heavy traffic is done. Keep a stock of extra moving supplies like boxes and labels. Talk with your movers before hand to see what you need to supply. Program our facility phone number and your moving company into your phone so you do not have to search. When you are planning to move in Albany NY, talk with Albany Super Storage and see how storing a ...

June 20th, 2019


Self Storage

How can storage in Albany NY help with your cross country moving? Albany Super Storage is minutes away from center city Albany and an easy location for storing your belongings. Some find a need for storage when they need to relocate for work, others find storage to be helpful when moving to a new home and trying to sell the old one. Moving has a lot of pieces and Albany Super Storage can help keep them all straight.Our storage units are all interior and temperature controlled! What does this mean for you? Our customers find peace of mind when storing a controlled environment like this, extreme weather is a worry no more. Get packed for your latest moves with our moving and storage tips. TIPS TO HELP YOU MOVE Start early! Start packing as soon as you know you are moving. If you still need the house to look presentable for potential buyers, move boxes to your storage unit. Get a few quotes from local moving companies. Let them know you plan on moving out of state, if they can not accommodate you they may have a recommendation. On moving day do a final check of the house, make sure you have everything. Then take a minute to breath and enjoy the moment. Clean out your fridge and dry stock the day of or the day before. Move your cold food and drinks to a cooler for easy transport. Start updating your address a week or two before the move. Double check after you are settled everything is coming to the new house. After you move restock your necessary supplies. Cleaning products and dry good may have been used or discarded. If you have questions about storage for your next move reach out to us! Our professionals are on site, ready to guide you through your summer moves. Whether cross country moving or getting organized, storage can be an solution for protecting your gear. Start renting your Albany NY storage unit today! ...

May 22nd, 2019


Self Storage

Our Albany NY college storage ideas can help you prepare for summer. Where are you planning on storing your school supplies after the school year is over? Moving back home? Staying close to campus? Either way Albany Super Storage can help you stay organized and ready for next semester with a summer storage unit.Albany Super Storage has interior temperature controlled storage units so electronics, mattresses, desks, and all your other belongings are safe. Reserve your storage space now to beat the summer rush and cross one thing off your to-do list. COLLEGE STORAGE TIPS Reserve early! Come May all the campuses will be ending their spring semester in time for the summer session, which means you need to move out of the dorm room. Reserve your Albany NY college storage unit now and you will save yourself time this summer. Friends are great to store with. You can share a unit and split the cost of the storage rental. Make sure all your boxes and bags are clearly labeled or the storage unit is sectioned off. Always defrost and clean both your fridge and microwave before putting them in storage. Dry them out as well to prevent mold and mildew. Always use a cover for your mattress and box spring when moving them to the storage unit. This will prevent any dirt off, and keep it in great shape. Plan a block of time for at least 20 minutes to view your storage unit and sign the lease. We are here to answer any questions you may have to help with your decision. Find your summer storage unit in Albany NY online or take a tour if you are still deciding. Albany Super Storage can make moving out of the dorm room and back home a little easier.Recently graduated? If you plan to stay in the area or our storage units are close to home, let us help you while you figure out what to do next. ...

April 11th, 2019

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