Find Storage Supplies at Our Albany NY Office

Our Storage Facility

Packing up your items does not have to overwhelm you. Albany Super Storage has resources as well as storage to make sure you have the best experience possible when storing with us. We sell storage supplies in our Albany NY office in case you forget boxes or need extra bubble wrap. For storage, choose from heated and temperature-controlled storage units as small as 3x5 feet and as large as 10x30 feet. Talk to one of our experts to help determine the best storage for you! 1. Heavily Label Your Boxes When we say “heavily,” we mean it. Go beyond marking the room in the house the items belong in. Make a list of all the items inside, so you can reference it later when you are looking for a specific item. You are going to need your recipe box. But it will not be very helpful if you cannot remember which kitchen box it is in. Save yourself time later by marking your boxes in the beginning. 2. Keep It Light It is normal to think that your big items should go in your big boxes. And while this makes the most sense spatially, there are other factors to consider. For starters, your biggest items many times are your heaviest. If a bunch of heavy items are packed into one box, that is going to be one heavy box. Avoid hurting your back and breaking your box by packing light objects in your big boxes and heavy objects in smaller boxes. 3. Ditch the Old, Raggedy Boxes You know the ones we are talking about. They have been in your attic or basement for a while. They have been through a few moves with you already and are barely holding on by the duct tape you put on last time. You want to avoid these for fragile and heavy items! Do not even risk your boxes bottoming out. If you need to replenish your box supply, Albany Super Storage sells storage supplies at our ...

October 1st, 2020

Clear Space for Your Business with Commercial Storage

Business Storage Tips

Is your business taking over your home workspace? Commercial storage can help you keep home and work life separate, even if you are managing your business from your house. Albany Super Storage has heated and temperature-controlled storage units ready for move-in. At What Stage Would Your Business Use Commercial Storage? Starting up your business Moving to a new location Expanding your personnel or product line Adapting to work-from-home life from working in an office Renting self storage for your business will only leave it with more room to grow. The right stage to start storing is the stage you are at. Restaurants can store extra tables and chairs. Medical professionals can keep their records organized and safe. Self storage is an affordable option for everyone. Commercial Storage Benefits for Specific Industries Construction/Contractor Professions Your truck most likely serves as your everyday storage site. Keep it clear for the items you need for each job, and organize everything else in a storage unit. Commercial storage is a good way to keep supplies close to a job site and decreases the risk of theft from construction sites. Albany Super Storage has storage units next to the Hudson River where I-787 and Route 22 cross. E-Commerce Businesses If you are managing a business from your house, you should rent a storage unit. Inventory does not have to invade your home storage spaces, like your basement or attic. Keep everything organized in a storage unit, and swap purchased products for new products at your leisure. Marketing Professionals If you are in sales and do a lot of traveling, commercial storage can store all your products and samples in one central location. You can access your items 24/7 with your personalized keypad access when you store with Albany Super Storage. Be sure that you include necessary amenities like temperature control if your inventory is sensitive to extreme heat or cold. Store at Albany Super Storage Right next to the Hudson River, Albany Super Storage is a prime location for those managing a business in Albany NY. Rent ...

September 3rd, 2020

What Can You Fit in a Small Storage Unit?

Self Storage

How do you know what size storage unit to rent if you have never rented before? Albany Super Storage provides experts and resources to help you navigate the storage experience. Read the sizing guide below for an overview of the industry standards. Then visit our storage calculator to help you determine the correct storage unit size for your next rental. Small Storage Units Small storage units are about the size of a closet and can hold one bedroom’s worth of items. You might have a few large pieces of furniture like a mattress (up to a full size) or desk that you can pack in first, followed by your smaller boxes, lamps, and side tables. Small storage units are great for clearing some attic or basement space. Seasonal clothes and decorations don’t need to be taking up valuable spots in your home during other parts of the year. Store them with us, and we will keep them safe from any mold or mildew with our heated and temperature-controlled storage units. Our small storage units (heat): 3x5, 4x5, 5x5, 5x10 Our small storage units (temperature control): 3x5, 5x8, 5x10, 10x5 Medium Storage Units Medium storage units are more comparable to a one-car garage and can store the contents of two or three bedrooms. These are useful when you have quite a few large furniture items, such as appliances, living room sofas and chairs, and desks. You will still have space left over in the storage unit to maneuver through your belongings. You can also store objects from your garage and shed to create extra work space in your home. This size category is also popular for small business use. Business owners can store extra equipment and inventory to save on the costs of office space. And since leases are month-by-month, it is not a big commitment. Our medium storage units (heat): 5x13, 7x10, 8x8, 8x10, 10x10 Our medium storage units (temperature control): 8x8, 8x10, 10x10 Large Storage Units The largest of the storage units are typically what people ...

August 12th, 2020

Make Room for Your Home Office or Home Gym


Are you running out of room at your home office? Planning on making a home gym to reach your fitness goals? Albany Super Storage, located in Albany NY, can help! Our self storage facility can help provide the space you need to build or organize for your home office or gym. Find self storage in Albany NY now online and start storing your items to get ready for your summer plans. Check out some of our tips down below Making a Home Office Remove distractions Use self storage to keep your business organized - store documents and inventory at one of our storage units Comfort is key Make a shared space spacious. Making a Home Gym Convert your outdoor space into a gym Stay organized and on schedule Keep it spacious Combine work and play in one room Rent With us Online Ready to store your belongings with us? Select and choose an interior storage unit online with us. Our rentals are commitment-free and contactless for your convenience. Our team is here to answer any questions or concerns you may have when you decide to store with us. Get started on organizing that home office or home gym today. ...

July 6th, 2020

Temporary Storage Tips to Make An Oasis at Home

Self Storage

Working from home has many benefits but finding space for your new office can be tricky if you have limited space. Albany Super Storage offers temporary storage tips and easy to rent short term storage units in Albany NY. Our storage space can help when making a temporary at-home office or while you stage your home and move. Check out some of our tips for using temporary storage. Make use of your living room or kitchen by making a standing desk. Your office will feel open with a few plants. Keepsakes around the house will make a small space feel homey. Use self storage to store clothing boxes and extra items. Stage a home and pack your belongings now, then store to keep everything safe. Whether you are looking for storage space while you work from home or get ready for a future move, Albany Super Storage is here to help. Easy Renting & Choosing the Right Storage Unit These temporary storage tips will set you up for storing your belongings and make room at home. Albany Super Storage offers online contactless storage rentals as well as commitment-free reservations. Our team of professionals can walk you through choosing a storage unit, renting, and signing the lease over the phone or in person. We are here to simplify moving to self-storage in Albany NY. ...

June 1st, 2020

Contactless Storage Rentals & Easy Reservations Available Now

Self Storage

Need a safe place to store your items while you work from home? Make your at-home office a productive space with the help of self-storage rentals at Albany Super Storage! Our contactless storage rentals make renting easy and safe. Choose any of our available storage units in Albany NY and move in online or reserve. Learn how easy it is to choose self-storage with us! Contactless Storage Rentals with Albany Super Storage Select the storage unit size you want - use our size guide for extra guidance Add contact information and move-in date Select insurance or provide your own and send a copy of your declaration page to our store manager Verify your contact information Add payment information and sign up for autopay to easily pay each month Confirm move-in date Your page will automatically refresh and a lease will be sent to your email Follow the instructions to sign and get your gate code. Once the signed lease is accepted by our manager you will receive your gate code and can start moving in! Here For You Every Step of the Way Renting online makes it easy for you to choose the storage unit you want from the comfort of your home and move in when you are ready. If you have questions during the process give us a call! We have experts on-site to help. They can walk you through renting the storage unit online or assist with paying our bill online. ...

May 1st, 2020

Movers Guide To Albany NY

Our Community

Will you be moving to Albany NY? Located in Albany County, Albany NY is the city capital of New York State. Residents living here are offered a mix between a suburban and urban feel to the community. Here at Albany Super Storage, we want to be more than just your self storage provider. Below you will find our movers guide to this marvelous city, so see what is awaiting you! Albany NY Community Population: 97,889 Average Rent: $951 Average Home Value: $173,300 The majority of residents (63%) here in Albany NY rent their home versus owning, and this may be because there are a lot of young professionals who are living in this city. Albany NY is full of bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and parks. If you are looking for somewhere fun to explore or new restaurants to teste out with friends or family, check out some of the local favorites below! Local Attractions: New York State Capitol USS SLATER Washington Park Restaurants: Grappa '72 Yono's 677 Prime Nearby Neighborhood Troy NY Located only 8 miles north of Albany NY, along the Hudson River is where you can discover Troy NY. If you have the chance to explore this wonderful city, check out some of the attractions provided! Burden Iron Works Museum The Hart-Cluett Mansion Poestenkill Falls Self Storage in Albany NY If you are moving to the Albany NY area, then Albany Super Storage can be the solution you needed. Our self storage facility comes equipped with indoor temperature-controlled units, 24-hour digitally recording cameras, personalized keypad access, moving supplies sold on-site, and more. If you have any questions or concerns before renting a storage unit, please reach out to our office. Our expert staff will be happily ready to provide you with any assistance needed. However, if you are ready to start storing today, give renting online a try and save yourself some time! ...

April 1st, 2020

Spring Cleaning Tips for Sanitized House


Whether spring cleaning or disinfecting for current events, it is a good idea to spruce up your space in time for summer. How many times have you waited to do spring cleaning till the last minute? Tackle big projects on the weekend and smaller ones throughout the week, this spring cleaning schedule will have the house shining in no time. Use self storage to help with your spring cleaning needs. Let Albany Super Storage assist with storing winter clothes and college student belongings. Our self storage facility in the Capital District has storage units in a variety of sizes to help you. Call or reserve online today! Week One: Bathroom Use grapefruit and salt to breakdown soap scum Replace the shower curtain Week Two: Bedroom & Living Room Clean under the bed Sort your closet and donate clothing Wash the windows both inside and out. Week Three: Kitchen Sanitize shelves in the pantry and fridge Throw out expired food and plan meals for food coming close to the date Use baking soda and vinegar to freshen the drain Week Four: Outside The House Rake the yard and sweep the patio Pull furniture out of storage and get it ready for the next cookout Use a pressure washer to clean the exterior of the house Prune trees and shrubs before they bloom Cleaning Your Storage Unit Reserve online today to help with your spring cleaning tasks. Visiting your storage unit once a season is helpful to ensure your belongings are safe. You may also find treasures you forgot you had. Need to minimize what you are storing? Talk with us about our Charity Storage auctions. You can drop your gently used items off with us and we will dispose of them for a good cause. ...

March 1st, 2020

10 Shed Organization Ideas


Time to clean out your home storage space and get organized for spring! Albany Super Storage has storage units ready to rent and shed organization tips to get your started. Home storage space can become a drop-off spot for future projects or seasonal storage. If you want to turn your home storage space into a useable area check out these 10 shed organization ideas. Make a cart for tools to easily carry while working. Install racks in your shed for hanging tools. Use shed doors for even more storage space. Keep gardening tools out of the shed and close to the garden with a potters bench or cupboard. Pegboard is an easy install tool organizer. Use self storage to keep larger items safe and secure. Purchase a shelving unit or customize your own to fit in your shed. Make space for outdoor toys. Draw your floor plan drawn onto the floor so you can put everything back in the correct spot. Keep a workbench in your shed with plenty of drawers and cabinets. Add wheels to make it moveable. Whether you are looking for space around the house or your business is more seasonal, out Albany storage units can help. These shed organization tips will get you started and ready for spring. Stop by Albany Super Storage on 44 Broadway to tour our nearby storage facility or choose your storage unit online! ...

February 23rd, 2020

Reclaiming Your Space In 2020

Holiday Storage Tips

Are you welcoming in the new year by adding space? Attempting to take back your space after the holiday season can be difficult unless you have the right storage. With our holiday storage tips no longer will reclaiming your space be a challenge. Here at Albany Super Storage, we have the storage options in order for us to happily assist you as you reclaim your space with storage. It is time for you to take down all of your holiday lights, decorations, and wreaths, so you can get back to rejoicing in your clean space once again. Check out the helpful holiday storage tips below! How To Store Holiday Decorations Egg cartons hold small-round ornaments perfectly. Hang your wreaths on coat hangers. Shrinkwrap your artificial trees for protection while storing in the winter, spring, and summer months. Wrap holiday lights around a piece of cardboard to eliminate tangling. Place decorations in clear bins when packing, so you can see the items within. Albany Super Storage Features Moving and storage materials sold on-site. Personalized keypad access. 24/7 digitally recorded cameras. Loading garage. Accept deliveries for tenants. Albany Super Storage in Albany NY Located off of the Huson river and the intersection of I-787 and US-9 in Albany NY, we are ready to help you start storing. Locate our storage facility in Albany NY and start off the new year by reclaiming your space with storage. Reserve a storage unit online, and start storing today! ...

January 6th, 2020

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