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storage unit size guide
May 13, 2022

Albany Super Storage Unit Size Guide

How do you know what size storage unit to rent if you have never rented before? Albany Super Storage provides experts and resources to help you navigate the storage experience. Read the storage unit size guide below for an overview of the industry standards for a small, medium, or large storage unit. Then visit our storage calculator to help you determine the correct storage unit size for your next rental.

Our Storage Unit Size Guide

storage unit size guide

Small Storage Units

Small storage units are about the size of a closet and can hold one bedroom’s worth of items. You might have a few large pieces of furniture like a mattress (up to a full size) or desk that you can pack in first, followed by your smaller boxes, lamps, and side tables. Small storage units are great for clearing some attic or basement space. Seasonal clothes and decorations don’t need to be taking up valuable spots in your home during other parts of the year. Store them with us, and we will keep them safe from any mold or mildew with our heated and temperature-controlled storage units.
Small Storage Tip: Always check the measurements of your items before you attempt to store them in a small storage unit. 

Medium Storage Units

Medium storage units are more comparable to a one-car garage and can store the contents of two or three bedrooms. These are useful when you have quite a few large furniture items, such as appliances, living room sofas and chairs, and desks. You will still have space left over in the storage unit to maneuver through your belongings. You can also store objects from your garage and shed to create extra work space in your home. This size category is also popular for small business use. Business owners can store extra equipment and inventory to save on the costs of office space. And since leases are month-by-month, it is not a big commitment.

Large Storage Units

The largest of the storage units are typically what people rent when they are moving to a new house or a new state. It is not possible to move in everything at once, so let us take some of it off your hands and keep it safe until you are ready to unpack. Large storage units fit all your biggest items, including outdoor furniture, dressers, desks, bookcases, and more. If you need to store extra vehicles, a small boat, or a small trailer, these storage units will likely fit those as well.

Storing with Albany Super Storage in Albany, NY

Albany Super Storage on Broadway offers heated and temperature-controlled storage units fit for any valuables you have to store. Protect your belongings from extreme and changing weather by renting indoor storage. And with Albany Super Storage, you can rent leases month-to-month or long term. Still not sure what size you need after reading our storage unit size guide? Our experts can help you with any further sizing questions over the phone or in person. Rent or reserve your next space today through our contactless storage rentals!

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