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holiday decoration storage
January 6, 2021

Holiday Decoration Storage for Albany NY Residents

No one looks forward to taking down all their Christmas lights and decorations, but Albany Super Storage is here to make it easier. Instead of packing everything away into your attic or basement, bring your boxes to our storage facility on Broadway. We offer heated and temperature-controlled storage units, so fragile items like electronics and lights can stay intact throughout the change of the New York seasons. Rent holiday decoration storage with us in Albany NY! Follow these tips to pack your decorations safely.

Wrap Your Ornaments

You should take extra precautions with your ornaments, particularly glass ones. Ornaments hold a lot of memories, and you want to make sure they live to see another Christmas tree. You can wrap them individually in paper or section off your boxes with cardboard or bubble wrap.

Invest in a Tree Bag

If you were not fortunate enough to have saved the box your artificial tree came in, you still have some options. The odds of finding a box the right size is slim, but you can buy a tree bag that is designed to protect your tree through storage.

Save Wrapping Supplies for Next Year

You are going to use the last of that wrapping paper next year, so you may as well hold onto it with the rest of your holiday decorations. You can keep wrapping paper and gift bags in plastic containers to keep out moisture.

Holiday Decoration Storage in Albany NY

Albany Super Storage is self storage that is designed for Albany NY. Our heated and temperature-controlled storage units keep your items safe through hot summers and freezing winters. You can find commercial storage, holiday decoration storage, and more on Broadway in Albany NY. You can reserve your storage online with no obligation. Just call our office before your move-in date to complete the transaction. Our experts are available to answer any questions you might have. Get started today!

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