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September 1, 2019


There is nothing like the feeling of wind through your hair and the open road ahead, but what do you do with your motorcycle come winter? Albany Super Storage has tips for motorcycle storage Albany NY can use. Making sure it is road ready come spring, involves a little work before letting it sit for a few months. Even though those months will seem longer than normal, motorcycle storage keeps your vehicle on two wheels safe from the conditions.


  • Fill up fluids before washing the motorcycle. It is good to replace or flush the fluid lines at least once a year.
  • Change oil and filter plug so sediment does not settle to the bottom and clog your lines.
  • Take battery out or hook the battery up to a tender. Cold weather can drain your battery faster if left hooked up to the bike.
  • Once all fluid are topped off, give the bike a good cleaning. Get rid of road dirt and even apply a light layer of wax for extra water proofing.
  • Fitted breathable covers allow an air flow around the bike but still a layer of protection from the outdoor conditions.
  • Lastly, place bike out of direct light, not doing this will make your cover brittle and later harm your bike.
With our all interior storage facility, we may not be able to house your summer transportation, but we can help you get it ready for the garage. Albany Super Storage has large and small storage units that can help you store boxes of papers from the office and your kitchenware from home.Worried about the winter chill hurting your items? Ask us about our heated units!We aim to make every storing experience a positive one. Stop by our Albany NY storage facility or choose your storage rental online and start storing today!

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