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May 22, 2019


How can storage in Albany NY help with your cross country moving? Albany Super Storage is minutes away from center city Albany and an easy location for storing your belongings. Some find a need for storage when they need to relocate for work, others find storage to be helpful when moving to a new home and trying to sell the old one. Moving has a lot of pieces and Albany Super Storage can help keep them all straight.Our storage units are all interior and temperature controlled! What does this mean for you? Our customers find peace of mind when storing a controlled environment like this, extreme weather is a worry no more. Get packed for your latest moves with our moving and storage tips.
  1. Start early! Start packing as soon as you know you are moving. If you still need the house to look presentable for potential buyers, move boxes to your storage unit.
  2. Get a few quotes from local moving companies. Let them know you plan on moving out of state, if they can not accommodate you they may have a recommendation.
  3. On moving day do a final check of the house, make sure you have everything. Then take a minute to breath and enjoy the moment.
  4. Clean out your fridge and dry stock the day of or the day before. Move your cold food and drinks to a cooler for easy transport.
  5. Start updating your address a week or two before the move. Double check after you are settled everything is coming to the new house.
  6. After you move restock your necessary supplies. Cleaning products and dry good may have been used or discarded.
If you have questions about storage for your next move reach out to us! Our professionals are on site, ready to guide you through your summer moves. Whether cross country moving or getting organized, storage can be an solution for protecting your gear. Start renting your Albany NY storage unit today!

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