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March 7, 2018


It is that time of year again, time to open the windows and let the fresh air in. With our storage packing tips you can make room for the kid’s summer sleep over and rejuvenate your house. Sit back and relax while we look out for your gear all year round. The items you moved in to storage at the end of the season last year are waiting for you. Let us show you a few ways to pack your winter belongings and get spring cleaning.A deep clean is in order after a long winter indoors. De-clutter with our extra space and save the items for next winter.
  • Those warm winter blankets are better in storage. Put them in a large box and pack them away till next season.
  • Make use of every open spot by putting blankets in your dresser drawers or using towels as a cushion for your dinnerware.
  • Color code, label, or simply write the destination on the outside of the box so movers do not get confused where items go.
  • Cleaning out the basement so the kids can have a space all their own? The old refrigerator or freezer should be thawed several days to moving. Keep the moisture outside the unit so your gear looks like the first day you put it in there.
  • Friends are great to ask for help when moving if you are trying to stay on budget. Remember to ask them in advance and remind them a week or so before the big day.
  • Packing dishes vertically helps disperse any moving vibrations. Check out our rolls of bubble wrap as an added solution to fragile items.
Storing during every season is our specialty. We make sure to have the space and storage packing tips ready when you need them. Following these spring cleaning tips will help you master your space and feel relaxed going into summer.

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