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September 5, 2017


It’s that time of year again, to start preparing for cooler weather. Albany Super Storage has the space to keep your decorations, furniture and other belongings safe from harm, but for those items that are no longer needed, we recommend recycling. Whether it is out of date clothing or extra furniture, there is always someone who can benefit. Use our guide to see who to contact when recycling is the next step.
Before you pack your summer gear away for the season, thoroughly inspect all your belongings. Anything that was not used this season or needs replaced can go to recycling. This is a great way to go green and do your part for the environment. Local thrift stores or recycling centers accept most slightly used belongings.Getting a new computer this winter? If the last one still works and has all the necessary parts, reach out to the closest Best Buy for disposal ideas. They may take old computers and recycle for parts or refurbish and sell again.Consider donating to your public library with books that are collecting dust on your shelves. This is a great way to save space around the house and support your community.As for the general recycling around the house, like plastic, cardboard, and cans, your curbside pick up will take care of these materials. Take the odds and ends, like plastic bags, fluorescent bulbs and batteries to the recycling plant. It is best to check before adding them to your weekly pick-up.When the organization is over stop in to see our public storage options in Albany, NY.  Go pick apples and carve pumpkins without having to worry about how you are organizing this season. Albany Super Storage has the tips and short term storage or long term options to prepare you for cooler weather.

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